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The Holdrege Utilities Department distributes electricity and water to homes, businesses, and industries in the Holdrege area. The Utilities Department is also responsible for the city’s sewage system.


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The City of Holdrege purchases wholesale power from Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD). The city’s distribution system is fed from the NPPD 115 kilovolt substation south of town through two City-owned 34.5Kv sub transmission lines. Seven step-down substations supply the distribution requirements throughout the system. Total capacity of the system is 40 MW with the 2005 peak at 25 MW.

Electrical service rules and wiring requirements The Electric Service Manual which contains the service rules and wiring requirements for homeowners and business.

Electric Rate Schedule


To provide safe and dependable drinking water to your home or business 24 hours a day, the City of Holdrege water system originates from 12 production wells located in town. On average we pump and distribute over 1,265,000 gallons of water every day to residents and many businesses. We continuously monitor water quality and quantity to supply our customers with drinking water that is safe and meets all Federal and State standards.

Working together for safe drinking water

Our wells draw groundwater from the High Plains Aquifer. We are blessed with a good, reliable and plentiful source of water. Under normal pumping conditions, we have a good idea where in the aquifer our wells will draw groundwater. This area of land that overlies that area is our Wellhead Protection Area. In order to manage this area we have developed a Wellhead Protection Program to monitor possible contaminants that could pollute our drinking water.


The City of Holdrege’s wastewater system serves residents and businesses both inside and outside the city limits. The wastewater collection system is a network of sewer lines ranging in size from 4 to 12 inches in diameter that transports the wastewater to our facility south and east of town. Thousands of gallons of wastewater travel through sewer lines daily to reach the City’s Wastewater Treatment plant for processing.

The Wastewater Department is responsible for maintaining the City’s sewer lines, sewer lift stations, pump and Waste Water Treatment Plant. Crews clean and perform repairs daily on these lines and facilities to keep them operational. These crews also respond to emergency requests for service from residents to remove obstructions from clogged sewer lines.

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