City of Holdrege, Service Rules and Schedule of Fees

Effective January-01-05

Payment Information

A utility bill shall be considered due and payable when rendered and will be considered late after fifteen  (15) days from the time it is rendered.  A bill will be considered rendered by the utility when it is deposited in the US mail with postage prepaid or when delivered by the utility to the last known address of the party responsible for payment.  All bill payments received by the utility on or after the delinquent date shall be for the gross amount stated.  Failure to receive a properly rendered bill will not entitle the customer relief from any penalties for late payment nor disconnection of service.

If a customer is disconnected for non payment, customer may be required to pay all of their accounts in full and an additional or new deposit may also be required before service is reconnected.

A utility bill will be past due ten (10) days after the customer receives second billing, at which time utility service will be subject to disconnection unless the customer has contacted City Hall and made payment arrangements.

After Hours Call Out Fee

If city utility personnel are dispatched to an account after normal business hours and the problem is found to be with the customer’s equipment or not with city equipment a Call Out Fee will/may be charged to the customer.

Connection / Reconnect Fees

All new accounts will be charged a connection fee.  Connections at an account where the meters are installed will be subject to Sales Tax.

  1. All rental property, where the Landlord/Owner has signed and returned to thecity office a Landlord Tenant Agreement and the service is being transferred to the Landlords name, the city will charge a Landlord Connection Fee except where the service has been disconnected.  Utility service will only be put in the name of the person(s) on the Landlord Agreement Form.
  2. At all Rental Property where the utility service(s) have been disconnected the regular connection fee will be charged to the one who is requesting the service to be established.
  3. Whenever the utility is requested to be transferred or disconnected the utility will contact the owner of the property.

Schedule of Fees

Monthly Customer Charge for Meters

Meter T-10 Turbo Compound
5/8″ to 3/4″ $7.60
1″ $9.10
1 1/4″ $12.20
1 1/2″ $14.30
2″ $17.800 $19.05 $30.20
3″ $27.80 $39.30
4″ $42.60 $55.60
6″ $62.80 $85.30

Tapping Fees:
All tapping and service line installations are charged at time and materials.

(Each deposit covers electric and/or water and/or sewer)
Residential deposit $100.00
Commercial deposit $200.00
Large commercial deposit $800.00
Mobile home deposit $200.00
Deposits may be waived if the customer supplies the city with two letters of reference from previous utilities. Deposits may be returned after 12 consecutive months of prompt payments.

Labor Charges:
Non-electric labor = $42.00
Electric labor = $55.00

Connection / Reconnection / Transfer Fees
$35.00 before 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (except Holidays)
$60.00 at all other times.

Customer request meter removal or re-install – $18.50

Insufficient Fund Check Service Charge – $30.00

Late Penalty:
6% of the outstanding balance of bills not paid within 15 days

After hours call-outs for other than connection / reconnection:
Actual labor and material will be billed using the applicable electric or non-electric rate times the hours paid. On electrical calls two employees are sent out initially. On water / sewer calls one employee is sent out initially. More employees may be called out as needed. Minimum hours paid are 1 hour per employee on regular working days Monday through Thursday, between the hours of 4:30 pm and 11:30 pm. After 11:30 pm Monday through Thursday, after 4:30 pm Fridays, and all day on Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays the minimum hours paid are 2 hours per employee.