Fire Department

Holdrege Fire Station
Adjacent to the Police Department at
813 5th Avenue
Non-emergency: (308) 995-4407
Emergency: 911

The Holdrege Fire Station was constructed in 1980 and houses the apparatus and equipment of the Holdrege Fire Department, the Holdrege Rural Fire Protection District and the Rescue Squad. The construction and maintenance costs are divided between the City and Rural Departments.

Holdrege Fire Department

The Holdrege Fire Department was organized and set into service in 1886. Today, this is an area of residential and commercial property covering approximately four square miles. The costs of apparatus, equipment, maintenance and building are provided by tax levies paid by the residences of the community and also by charitable donations.

The department is staffed and maintained by the Holdrege Volunteer Firefighters, a company of forty-five volunteer firefighters, including an elected Fire Chief, an elected First Assistant Fire Chief, an appointed Second Assistant Fire Chief and an elected Secretary/Treasurer. Minimum individual proficiency is established at the State of Nebraska Firefighter I skill level. The officers and a significant number of the volunteers are certified Firefighter I by the state. The firefighters drill twice a month and regularly attend training presented by the Nebraska Fire Service and other recognized training organizations. Each member is required to complete a minimum training requirement of ten hours per year. A business meeting is conducted at the fire department meeting hall on the first Thursday of each month.

The Holdrege Fire Department consists of: a 1982 Spartan one hundred foot aerial platform with a 1500gpm pump; a 1992 1000gpm Pierce Lance engine; a 2003 1000gpm Pierce engine; and a 1995 International heavy rescue vehicle. Water is supplied through a water hydrant system piped throughout the city.

Holdrege Rural Fire Protection District

In 1953, under state statute, the Holdrege Rural Fire protection District was brought into service to provide fire protection in the rural area surrounding Holdrege. The District covers an area of 162 square miles of farms, residences, and agricultural and commercial properties. The District is governed by a Rural Fire Board composed of five members elected from within the Fire District. Tax levies authorized by the board and paid by the residences within the district provide the funds to purchase and maintain apparatus, equipment and housing. Some funding is provided by charitable donations. The Rural Fire Board meets quarterly at the Holdrege fire department meeting hall. Notice of these meetings is advertised in the Holdrege Daily Citizen newspaper. The Holdrege Volunteer Firefighters also staff and maintain the Holdrege Rural Fire Department.

The Rural Fire Protection District consists of. A 1995 1000gpm Pierce Saber engine; a 1980 Smeal 750gpm engine; and a 2003 F450 grass truck with tank and pump. Water is supplied by a 1992 GMC 3200 gallon tanker and a 2001 Danko 1800 gallon tanker with pump. Both water tankers are equipped with rear and side quick dump valves for placing water into two 1200 gallon portable water reservoirs.

Emergency Medical Services

The Holdrege Emergency Unit was put into service in 1946 to provide first aid and hospital transport to Holdrege and to parts of Phelps and Harlan counties. The EMS unit is staffed and maintained by eighteen of the Holdrege Volunteer Firefighters. It is organized under the direction of a Medical Director and is maintained by an elected Unit Captain and an Assistant Captain. The members of the Rescue Squad are state certified Emergency Medical Technicians. Funding is provided by a charge for transport. These funds are sufficient to provide for ambulance replacement every three years, equipment and training costs. Some funding is also provided by charitable donations. Services and transport are provided by a 2015 Danko ambulance.