Elected Officials

Mayor Doug Young (2022)

Mayor Responsibilities
The Mayor is elected to serve a four year term of office and is chief elected official of the City. He presides at City Council meetings and may vote in case of a tie vote by the Council on any matter. The Mayor represents the City at official functions and signs all ordinances, resolutions, agreements, and other official documents for the City.

City Council

There are eight Council members serving four year terms. This photo, clockwise, L-R: Troy Urbom, Larry Marvin, Jeff Nantkes, Randy Aldrich, City Administrator Bob Rager, City Clerk Dane Jensen, Mayor Doug Young, City Attorney Rod Osborn, Doug Simpson, Mike Sisson, Mary McDermott and Larry Gibbons. (Photo by Eclectic Images)

Ward 1
The part of the City lying east of and including the east side of Logan Street.

  • Larry Gibbons, 2020*
  • Mary McDermott, 2022*

Ward 2
The part of the City lying between the west side of Logan Street and the east side of Grant Street.

  • Mike Sisson, 2022*
  • Doug Simpson, 2020*

Ward 3
The part of the City lying between the west side of Grant Street and Burlington Street, including residences on the east side of Burlington Street.

  • Randy Aldrich, 2020*
  • Ben Johnson, 2022*

Ward 4
The part of the City lying west of Burlington Street including residences on the west side of Burlington Street.

  • Jason Hines, 2022*
  • Troy Urbom, 2020*
  • (* Term Ending)