City Commissions

Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission meets as needed under the provisions of the Open Meetings Act to review applications for police officers and police chief and make hiring recommendations to the City Administrator. Members are appointed to six-year terms by the Mayor with Council approval.

  • Karen Stute, 2022*
  • Lacie Westcott, 2022*
  • Tom Rust, 2025*
  • Ron Haflich, 2027*
  • TBA, 2022*

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission receives and acts upon applications for rezoning and conditional uses. The group is responsible for making and adopting plans for the development of the municipality. Meetings are held quarterly, on the second Thursday of the month, at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall at 502 East Avenue in Holdrege and are governed by the Open Meetings Act. The Commission consists of nine members, of which two may be residents of the area over which the Municipality is authorized to exercise extraterritorial zoning and subdivision regulations. Members are appointed to three-year terms by the Mayor with Council approval. One member is also a member of the Board of Adjustment.

  • Marc Lamon, Chairman, 2023*
  • Emily Anderson, Secretary, 2024*
  • Troy Melroy, 2023*
  • Scott Vosburg, 2024*
  • Corey Young, 2022* (Board of Adjustment member)
  • Darrel Kroll, 2022*
  • Tim Gabriel, 2023*
  • Russel Carlston, 2024*
  • Tom Rust, 2022*

Council Planning Commission Liaison

A City Council member serves as a liaison between the Planning Commission and the Council. This person attends planning commission meetings and serves a one year term and is appointed by the Mayor with Council approval.

  • Corey Wiese, 2022*

Citizen Advisory Review Committee (Watchdog)

Members conduct a semi-annual review of the use of LB840 tax revenue by the Phelps County Development Corporation and report their findings to the City Council. Three-year terms are appointed by the Mayor with Council approval and meetings are held in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.

  • Diana Watson, 2024*
  • Gregg Ericksen, 2024*
  • Carol Rapstine, 2022*
  • Luke Thorell, 2022*
  • Karen Stute, 2023*
  • Meredith Pierce, 2022*
  • Michaela Nielsen, 2023*
  • Dane Jensen – ex-officio City Official

Police Chaplains

Chaplains are volunteers; see the Police Chief for information on volunteering.

  • Pastor Tom Thompson
  • Pastor Darren Popple
  • Pastor Kirwan Stewart
  • Father Tom Lux

* Term Ending