City Authorities

Airport Authority

The Airport Authority is responsible for management of the airport. Meetings are held the third Friday of each month at 8:00 a.m. in the Brewster Field Terminal Building. Members are elected by the citizens; terms are for six years. The Airport Authority is governed by Open Meetings Act.

  • Dorothy Anderson, Dec. 2024*  (Authority Chair)
  • Clyde Lueking, Dec. 2020*
  • Ted Kayton, Dec. 2022*
  • Dan Powers, Dec. 2020*
  • Tye Marquardt, Dec. 2024*
  • Holdrege Aviation FBO – Airport Manager (Appointed By Authority)

Community Redevelopment Authority

The Community Redevelopment Authority receives applications for Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and is responsible for adopting the Redevelopment Plan and declaring certain areas of the City “blighted and substandard”, subject to approval by the Planning Commission and City Council.

Meetings are by demand, with notices published at least 3 days in advance, and held in the City Council Chambers of City Hall at 502 East Avenue. The Authority meets under the provisions of the Open Meeting Act. Members are appointed to five-year terms by the Mayor with City Council approval.

  • Dan Janssen, 2022*
  • DeEtte Bailey, Chair, 2023*
  • Steve Kness, 2019*
  • Jared Engelbert, 2020*
  • Kyle Anderson, 2021*

Holdrege Housing Authority

The Housing Authority directs and supervises the development and maintenance of various low to moderate income housing units in Holdrege. Meetings are held once a month and members are appointed to five-year terms by the Mayor with City Council approval.

  • Capri Chapman – Director (Appointed By Authority)
  • Lori Reiner, 2022*
  • Luke Deaver, 2022*
  • Jacques Smith III, 2021*
  • Terry Buskirk, Chairman, 2021*
  • Barb Malm, 2019*
  • Ted Titus, 2023*
  • Tyler McClymont, 2022*

* Term Ending