Holdrege Municipal Airport

Brewster Field

(308) 995-8446
1320 Brewster Road
Map It: www.google.com
Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday

Brewster Field, Holdrege’s modern General Aviation airport, supports many aviation activities and is often used by medical, agricultural and commercial organizations to meet the needs of Phelps and surrounding counties.

The primary runway is 4,700 feet long and provides an excellent operational surface. It has a full length, lighted taxiway with a sufficient number of mid-field intersections to insure efficient access to the runway by aircraft. Runway Lighting is radio activated and includes Runway End Identification Lights and Precision Approach Path Indicators for landings on either end of runways 18/36. An Automated Weather Observation Station that continuously broadcasts pertinent weather information is located at the airport. There are also three distinct Instrument Approach Procedures that permit pilots to land at Holdrege in inclement weather. A well-groomed sod runway is also available for daytime operations.

100LL and Jet A Aviation fuel as well as aircraft maintenance services are available during normal business hours and at other times with prior arrangements. The terminal building includes a comfortable passenger waiting area, pilots lounge and conference room.

The Airport is managed by Holdrege Aviation, an FBO providing fuel and aircraft maintenance at the airport.
Holdrege Aviation Information Holdrege Aviation.com

Pilot/navigation information: AIRNAV

Brewster Field 10-mile Zoning Map: KHDE 10 M Map

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